SLP Grant Program

TLDR: Stake Ÿ-ETH LP and enjoy competitive APY up to 100% - 100.000 USDC in staking rewards and shape the future of this program.


The initial phase of the LP Grant Program is designed to attract liquidity, gauge market interest, and gather valuable data to inform long-term program development. We chose to begin with a strong incentive to encourage participation, then expand based on data for best results. We will evaluate and strategically extend the program, ensuring resources are optimized for continued growth.

Key Details

  • Grant Allocation: $100,000 in rewards allocated for Phase I.

  • Duration: Three months.

  • Approach: High-yield LP staking pool to incentivize early participation.

  • Results from Phase I will inform the program's future expansion and reward allocation.

How to Participate

  • Visit Uniswap go to Pools , Choose V2 Pools and supply $YAI/ $ETH pair.

  • Visit Ÿ's LP at UNCX Network then approve, stake and Make sure to subscribe to earn rewards.

  • Here is a full tutorial

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