📖Discretionary Policy

This Discretionary Policy governs the discretionary decision-making process regarding the allocation and utilisation of funds generated through trading fees within the Ÿ Project ecosystem as well as other business revenue.

Sole Discretion: The decision to allocate and utilise funds generated through trading fees is solely at the discretion of the Ÿ Project team. This discretionary authority extends to all aspects of fund allocation, including but not limited to project development, operational expenses, marketing initiatives, and fair team compensation.

Objectives: The primary objectives of exercising discretionary authority over fund allocation include:

  • Retaining the top talents for the project's long-term success.

  • Fostering innovation and driving project development.

  • Enhancing the overall ecosystem and user experience.

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Transparency: While the discretionary authority lies with the Ÿ Project team, efforts will be made to maintain transparency regarding decisions. This may include periodic updates, reports, or disclosures about Ÿ Project plans that may impact the users.

Limitations: Despite the discretionary nature of this policy, fund allocation decisions shall be made in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual obligations. The team shall exercise sound judgement and act in the best interests of the project and its sustainability.

Amendment: This Discretionary Policy may be amended or updated solely by the Ÿ Project team as deemed necessary.

By participating in the Ÿ Project ecosystem, users acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Discretionary Policy.

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