📖YAI Token Disclaimer

The $YAI token is a digital asset subject to inherent risks similar to other cryptocurrencies. These risks encompass, but are not limited to, potential loss of value or complete trading position. The value of the $YAI token can exhibit significant volatility and unpredictability, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses.

The $YAI token is a pure utility token, designed solely for use within the Ÿ Project ecosystem. As such, it does not confer ownership rights or entitle holders to dividend-like profits from the project.

Ÿ Project marketing is only for promotion to increase popularity and attract new users to our product and does not intend to suggest any form of token price manipulation and/or speculation. Accordingly, $YAI is not an investment contract and you should not expect any returns and/or profits.

The $YAI team does not engage in undisclosed transactions involving $YAI tokens in any capacity. Consequently, we bear no responsibility for any gains or losses incurred as a result of your distribution of $YAI tokens. We provide no guarantee regarding the liquidity of $YAI tokens, and we disclaim any liability for losses or damages arising from liquidity deficiencies or the inability to buy or sell your tokens.

Prior to deciding to acquire $YAI tokens, we strongly advise thorough consideration of potential risks, reading our Trading Disclaimer, including consultation with legal and financial advisors if necessary. Your purchase, holding, or trading of $YAI tokens signifies your comprehension and acceptance of this disclaimer as well as other terms.

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