🎲Ÿ Robo-Advisors

Insights into what we are building


Ÿ Robo-Advisors serve as the initial building blocks for the creation of the unified Ÿ Oracle. Each Robo-advisor acts as a dedicated data analyst, focusing on a specific data observer. Ultimately, ŸRA will collectively feed data into the Oracle, fostering a unified insight of the digital asset market.

Currently All Robo-Advisors are in beta and limited in output due to the constraints of the Telegram interface as the first frontend. Yet, ŸRAs offer valuable insights into the ongoing development of the Oracle. They showcase the data being utilized, the processing methods employed, and the initial interpretations derived from this information.



To access ŸRA Engine beta group on Telegram verify your wallet holding 1000 $YAI tokens here https://telegram.me/collablandbot?start=VFBDI1RFTCNDT01NIy0xMDAyMjA0ODE5ODUz

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