A glance into Ÿ's future.

This roadmap outlines our strategic direction for Ÿ. While long-term plans may evolve based on project development, community feedback, and revenue, it offers a strong preview of what's to come

As Q1 wraps up, we'll be making several major announcements in the next few days. These will reveal the core foundation, principles and direction of Ÿ.

Q2 marks the rollout of Ÿ Oracle! We're kicking things off with an initial model powered by news data. Expect continuous enhancements as we incorporate more data sources and refine its capabilities. To boost sustainability, we're rolling out subscription plans, ramping up marketing & sales, and fine-tuning our operations.

Q3 unlocks growth and customization. With our core offerings firmly established, We'll introduce dashboards, API & WS access, and customizable models to empower both users and businesses. We'll also forge strategic partnerships to expand our reach and deliver a wider variety of enterprise-grade solutions. This quarter also marks our move towards a decentralized infrastructure, enabling us to scale and adapt effectively

This roadmap provides a general overview of our direction. Due to the dynamic nature of development, specific long-term plans are subject to change. We will release more detailed announcements for short-term milestones as they are finalized

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