Frequently Asked Question

Project and Team

What is the utility / purpose of Ÿ?

Ÿ Mission is to bridge the gap between the wealth of all the crypto data and your success, by leveraging AI and Ÿ Oracle to deliver unprecedented insights into market sentiment and trends using historic knowledge and ongoing market dynamics. YAI has many features such as: - Real time news feed - Social activity impact - Intraday sentiment reports - Trend Recognition

And more to come to provide Full market coverage.

What is the Oracle and who will use it?

The Oracle main purpose is accurately predicting events impact on the crypto market using an ever-growing database of historic knowledge and ongoing market dynamics.

The oracle is intended for a diverse range of users, including traders, market analysts, funds, venture capitalists (VCs), and projects looking to adopt a more data-driven approach for their decision-making processes. Additionally, platforms like DexScreener and Dextools, which incorporate third-party data into their services, could also use the oracle for enhanced insights and analytics.

Read all about the Oracle : https://docs.yoracle.ai/oracle

Who is the team behind YAI? Is the team doxxed?

There are 15+ members in the team working on different aspects of the project with 4 developers currently building the Oracle. We prioritize privacy and safety of our team members, the team works under pseudonyms and we conduct strong security measures.

To ensure trust of the users we implemented the following measures:

  • Liquidity has been locked with UNCX: verify.

  • One of the core developers on the team is “Fortune” who is a known person in crypto space for his exceptional quant skills: https://twitter.com/FortuneExplores

  • We host AMA regularly to answer users questions and concerns, check the first one here: https://twitter.com/yai_erc/status/1778407598058074247

  • We ensure transparency of development progress via snapshots posted regularly in our twitter. Example

  • We constantly buyback and add liquidity to our LP. See our SLP program here.

  • We have a legal entity behind as well as a strong legal foundation which guarantees compliance with crypto regulations and laws worldwide and high due diligence standards for everyone we work with.

  • Our Gitbook and website contains a comprehensive list of explanations, sources, policies, warnings and learning materials for users to be able to make informed decisions.

To understand more about our position please check the following information: https://github.com/jlopp/physical-bitcoin-attacks .

Is Ÿ a registered company anywhere?

Yes, Ÿ has a proper legal structure. Although Ÿ cannot disclose the specific legal entity for security reasons, we assure our users that we prioritize compliance with all relevant regulations and adhere to industry best practices. Our commitment to privacy and security is paramount in our operations. Please note that It is common for crypto companies not to disclose company registration information to balance transparency with security to protect the safety and privacy of their employees and operations.

What is Ÿ Roadmap?

Ÿ Roadmap outlines our planned milestones and development stages. Here's a summary of the key elements across different quarters:

  • Q1: focuses on the core principles of YAI, including the platform launch, Roadmap reveal, CIP introduction, YPA program, SLP program, and the SLP Grant program.

  • Q2: introduces the initial oracle model with significant improvements. It includes the launch of NewsSquawk, enhanced oracle capabilities, new output tools, expanded market coverage, subscription plans, and increased sales activity.

  • Q3: focuses on broader development and expansion, including the launch of a Partnership Program, dashboard development, API and WebSocket (WS) access, customizable models, decentralized infrastructure, and scaling of products.

To find information about the Ÿ Roadmap, please refer to this document: https://docs.yoracle.ai/roadmap. It contains all the details about our plans and upcoming milestones.

Was Ÿ a fair launch and, if so, how did it deal with snipers?

Yes, Ÿ was fair-launched on Uniswap. To ensure fairness, the contract included anti-sniper and anti-bot mechanisms as outlined in our Terms of Service. Cheaters are subject to a special 40% trading fee, which cannot be removed. Furthermore, The project team does not hold any tokens except for the team allocation, which is currently locked.

Why Ÿ was launched on ETH and not on other chains?

We conducted a thorough evaluation of potential blockchain platforms and ultimately chose Ethereum due to its established nature and reduced risk of third-party dependencies. Many Layer 2 solutions experience temporary hype cycles, ultimately requiring contract migration to maintain user activity after a short period. Our decision prioritizes long-term sustainability. Therefore, migration to another chain is NOT under consideration.

How's onboarding of new developers going?

Core development will be scaled up closer to product launch, enabling the exploration of more complex applications for the Oracle systems. We are currently screening additional developers to support future stages of project development.

When will YAI smart contract be renounced?

YAI smart contract is not renounced, allowing for flexibility to adjust the tax structure in the future. Read more about tax removal process in the financial plan section:


Can I DM a team member?

To allow equal information access to all participants, team is disallowed to answer direct DMs, hence DMs are not read nor answered.

All support is given through the support bot (https://t.me/YAISupportBot), and communication is sent through our official channels.

Ÿ Oracle

How is the progress on Ÿ oracle development?

The development of Oracle is continuous and, as such, does not have a definitive completion date. However, we aim to deliver the first phase of Oracle by the end of Q2, no later than June 30th. For the latest updates on roadmap releases, please follow our account on X.

When will the Oracle be released and what are the most recent developments?

The Ÿ Oracle is on track for launch before the end of Q2 (June 30th). To stay informed about the most recent developments and progress updates, be sure to follow our social media channels. We post regularly to keep the community updated on the latest news and timelines.

What exactly is being released?

The initial product launch for the Ÿ Oracle will consist of the News Squawk feature, as detailed in our roadmap

Is there a working product?

We are currently in development phase, planning and structuring Ÿ oracle. we aim to deliver the first phase of Oracle by the end of Q2, no later than June 30th. For the latest updates on roadmap releases, please follow our account on X.

Is Ÿ purely a predictions AI or will users / companies be able to query more than just predictions?

It's more than predictions, access to our database will also be an option. The final idea is to be able to monetize our data and predictor models.

Could DEXTools use the oracle to provide a risk indicator and social data to determine a scam/rug pull/honeypot?

Yes, this is something we plan on making possible. Our goal is to enable DEXTools and other platforms to use the oracle to provide risk indicators and to allow Ÿ to analyze on-chain and social data.

Do DApps need to own YAI tokens to access the oracle services?

While Hold to use model is one of the options, it is not confirmed. The exact details regarding payment and requirements for DApps wanting to use our services are still being worked out. Once the product is ready, final decisions on these aspects will be made.

Any plans to also include contract code in the training of the AI?

Yes, there are plans in the future to include contract code and parameters in the AI training process. This step will help us refine our model and improve its accuracy and reliability.

What am I going to do with the News Squawk Product?

Kindly refer to this question for detailed answer.

Will Ÿ create a Trading Bot using the data from the different products of the Oracle?

No, the purpose of Ÿ is to the bridge the gap between the wealth of all the crypto data and your success, by leveraging AI and Ÿ Oracle to deliver unprecedented insights into market sentiment and trends using historic knowledge and ongoing market dynamics. Please take a read of the legal documents.

Will the Oracle data point out KOLs calls that were rugs? Even if they delete their tweet afterwards?

Correct, our model will utilize a self-browsing approach on X to identify trading opportunities and maintain a historical record of previous calls for accurate success rate calculation. While real-time tracking of deleted tweets is possible, historical data analysis is limited for the initial model build. We are calculating success rate metric for KOLs to identify the most effective KOLs. This metric will prioritize performance based on tokens ATH rather than tokens in price appreciation, considering that statistically, most tokens experience price declines.

How accurate is the Oracle in its predictions?

It's important to note that the reported 83% accuracy applies to a specific data source and does not represent an average across all data sources we are currently developing and plan to integrate in the future. The Oracle will be rolled out in stages, with dedicated products for each data source. Our goal is to progressively combine these individual products into a comprehensive system. For each data source, we will develop tailored features that generate output values for corresponding products. These outputs can then be combined as input values for the overall Oracle model, ultimately enhancing its accuracy and versatility.

Tokenomics and Financial Plan

What are the Tokenomics of YAI?

YAI chose a Fair launch approach with Anti-snipe functions, no private or public sales, ICO or VC funding.

Initial Token allocation

  • 90.000.000 YAI Token (90% of total supply) - Initial Liquidity

  • 5.000.000 YAI Tokens (5% of total supply) - Listing and Marketing Reserve

  • 5.000.000 YAI Tokens (5% of total supply) - Team

Read more on YAI tokenomics here: https://docs.yoracle.ai/tokenomics

What are the taxes? and what is the Sniper tax?

The contract fee is 5% on every transaction with our LP.

The cheater fee (sniper fee), as per our ToS and Smart Contract, was of 40%. There is no technical way to remove the cheater fee, and this extra fee applies only to the few cheater ERC-20 addresses.

Why is there tax on buy and sells?

As per the financial plan, the initial phase of Ÿ emphasizes building the foundation. This therefore consists of having trading fee (a set standard in Crypto) of 5% for each transaction.

The goal of Ÿ is to develop essential tools and infrastructure, while also providing equitable compensation for their time and qualifications, and we also utilize the funds for Strategic Liquidity Provisions Program. For more information about trading fee usage please check our legal notice here: https://docs.yoracle.ai/legal/discretionary-policy

With the product launches and features, Ÿ will look into generating revenue through subscription plans and enterprise-grade solutions, removing the need for transaction fees and generating all revenue through its products!

What are Snipers tax and how are they used?

We chose a fair launch approach with anti-snipe functions. This means that snipers are taxed at a rate of 40%. The funds collected from this are used for Liquidity Provisions Program.

What happens to taxed sniper funds?

All cheater/sniper funds (as per our ToS) are used for the strategic liquidity provisions.

If a sniper transfers their funds into another wallet and sells from there, are they still taxed the 40%?

Yes, the 40% transfer fee still applies to transactions made by cheaters.

When will the sniper tax be used in liquidity and if so, for how long?

Currently SLP has reached a milestone of a 1Million USDC worth of total liquidity, which helps to reach our stability goal and help remove speculation. The SLP program will although continue at a reduced pace this time using a different strategy.

I see the development wallet making transactions. Where do the taxes go?

Please check our Financial Plan on how the contract fee is used within the project as well as a fee in the first place: https://docs.yoracle.ai/f.a.q#why-is-there-tax-on-buy-and-sells

How much has the project collected up to now from transaction fees?

The project has generated sufficient revenue through fees to support the complete delivery of the roadmap, including a substantial marketing campaign upon initial product launch.

Is it possible to get information about how much your project earned up to now from trading fees?

It is indeed possible to check the project's trading fees through various blockchain analytical tools, as the blockchain operates with a high level of transparency and these figures are publicly accessible. However, please note that, as outlined in our Discretionary Policy, the management of trading fees is at the discretion of the initial project team. Further details on the utilization of these trading fees can be found in our Financial Plan . For instance, we have allocated $1.2 million towards our SLP program. Should you have any more specific inquiries or require detailed financial disclosures, please refer to the support channels according to our EAI program.

Large sums of money being moved to a bunch of exchanges through different wallets. Please explain?

As outlined in Ÿ financial plan, which is publicly available at the provided link (https://docs.yoracle.ai/financial-plan), Ÿ's initial phase emphasizes building the foundational elements of our ecosystem.

It is important to note that these funds transactions are part of financial plan aimed at developing essential tools and infrastructure for Ÿ ecosystem. Additionally, funds are utilized to ensure equitable compensation for team members based on their time and qualifications, as well as covering marketing expenses, operational costs, and other essential expenditures. Moreover, a fair portion of these funds is allocated towards our Strategic Liquidity Provisions Program, further detailed in the provided link (https://docs.yoracle.ai/strategic-liquidity-provision).

For more comprehensive information regarding the usage of contract fees, we encourage you to review our legal notice, accessible at the provided link (https://docs.yoracle.ai/legal/discretionary-policy).

Generally speaking, the movement of funds to exchanges and across wallets on chain is aligned with our strategic financial objectives aimed at building and enhancing Ÿ ecosystem while ensuring transparency and compliance with all applicable regulations and industry standards.

When are you going to reduce YAI tax?

We're not planning any tax reductions; the tax will remain unchanged until it's completely removed in the future. If there's any shift in policy regarding taxes, we'll communicate it through our official channels to keep you informed.

How will the team make enough revenue with Ÿ products to replace taxes?

We will offer a flexible subscription model for accessing our services. While specific pricing details are yet to be announced, customers will have a variety of payment options, including popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH and stablecoins. Therefore, once our customer base has grown enough, it is possible to generate sufficient revenue to ensure the long-term sustainability of Ÿ without the inherent need of trading fees.

What will the team tokens be used for?

The team tokens will be re-locked/vested. These vested tokens may be distributed to initial team members or used for other purposes. Please note that Ÿ strives to follow the best transparency and decentralization practices.

What are 3 examples of types of companies that would benefit from using Ÿ and how will it be beneficial to them?

Any crypto related projects: Use Ÿ data for more informed decision making regarding marketing, tokenomics, announcements.

Individual or Enterprise grade traders/investors: Use Ÿ data and prediction capabilities in order to make financial decisions.

Any company that relies on data for decision making: Our infrastructure will allow us to provide more customized data analysis and insights based on proprietary company data in the future.

What is the sales plan to approach these types of companies?

Targeted marketing towards different customer groups, word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, let the product do the talking. As well as target sign-up promotions, referral benefits, etc..

How are subscription services structured? what is the role of YAI in it?

The specifics of how subscription services will be structured are still being determined. Our primary focus is currently on product development, ensuring that everything functions as expected. Once the product is completed and meets our quality standards, we'll turn our attention to finalizing the details of the subscription structure.

As for the role of $YAI in the subscription model, this is also something we're exploring. Whether $YAI will be used as a payment method, for access control, or in some other capacity will be decided as part of our ongoing development process. We'll keep you updated as we make progress and define the subscription strategy.

Do I need to purchase a subscription to access the first product of the Oracle, if so how much should YAI should I hold?

Access to Ÿ services will be offered through a combination of "hold2use" and "pay2use" plans. The specific details of these plans will be revealed closer to product launch.

Will I need to pay for a new subscription plan for every product released, how will this work?

A primary subscription/hold2use plan will be available, providing access to a selection of tools based on the chosen tier. More exclusive tools may require a larger token holding or a higher subscription fee.

If there is no tax, and the Ÿ services are provided via a subscription model, will it be paid in YAI tokens? How exactly does that generate revenue?

While details regarding subscription models are yet to be announced, there might be different options to pay for these (eth, stables, ...), therefore once our customer base has grown enough it is possible to generate enough revenue to make Ÿ a viable business without the inherent need of trading fees.

Who are your targeted audience for subscription services?

Wide range, from traders, market analysts, funds, vc's, to project trying to use a more informed approach for decision making for their project, platforms like descreener, dextools that implement 3rd party data into their platform.

Any crypto related projects: Use Ÿ data for more informed decision making regarding marketing, tokenomics, announcements.

Individual or Enterprise grade traders/investors: Use Ÿ data and prediction capabilities in order to make financial decisions.

Any company that relies on data for decision making: Our infrastructure will allow us to provide more customized data analysis and insights based on proprietary company data in the future.

Where is liquidity locked? Why is there an unlocked portion?

Our liquidity is locked with UNCX for 6 months, verify here: https://app.uncx.network/amm/uni-v2/token/0x477a3d269266994F15E9C43A8D9C0561C4928088

We have also recently relocked our liquidity for 2 years with Team Finance. verify here: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x477a3d269266994F15E9C43A8D9C0561C4928088?name=%C5%B8&symbol=YAI&chainid=0x1 The reason there's an unlocked portion is to support our recent SLP Program additions, providing flexibility for these ongoing initiatives. This structure allows us to maintain a secure foundation while also facilitating program growth and liquidity injections as needed.

How long will the newly added LP be locked?

The newly added LP will be locked for at least a few years. Additionally, the current locked LP will also be re-locked for a few years with another technological partner.

How are the unlocked tokens going to be used for?

The unlocked tokens will be used in the following manner: - To use for liquidity adds

- To add as rewards to YAI staking pool

- Rewards for Oracle CIP events

Will YAI ever become deflationary? or have deflationary mechanics?

Currently, there are no plans to introduce deflationary mechanics for YAI. The token's structure and supply dynamics are designed to support the existing use cases and growth strategy. If this approach changes in the future, we will provide updates to ensure clear communication with our community.

Are there any wallet restrictions?

Yes, there is a restriction on wallet holdings. Each wallet can hold a maximum of 2% of the total token supply. This limit helps maintain a fair distribution and prevent significant concentration of tokens in a few wallets.

SLP and SLP Grant

What is the SLP program?

The SLP program, or Strategic Liquidity Provision, is a mechanism designed to support price action and improve liquidity. It operates with a dual approach:

  1. Strategic Buybacks: Buying back YAI tokens to support price stability and drive positive price action.

  2. Optimized Liquidity: This part involves adding liquidity in a 50/50 ratio of YAI/ETH to create a robust and efficient liquidity pool.

Read More

How much liquidity has been added so far?

To ensure transparency and access to the most up-to-date information, we maintain a dedicated document that tracks YAI/ETH liquidity pool injections.

Since launch, we've successfully added over $1 million to this pool., please refer to this document where we update its data on a weekly basis.


Why does the SLP program no longer buy back from DEX?

Having reached a significant milestone, we have decided to optimize our SLP strategy. Buybacks will be reduced, and we will use tokens at our disposal to add liquidity to the LP. The SLP program may be adjusted again in the near future.

What happens to the YAI tokens buybacks?

Since the achievement of a $1 million USDC milestone worth of ETH for the SLP program, the initial buyback program has been adjusted. The team is currently utilizing unlocked tokens for direct liquidity injection into the WETH/YAI pair to enhance token stability and mitigate speculation. There will be continuation of buybacks under specific circumstances at the team's discretion. Read More

Is adding more LP at this point is favorable?

As in our SLP program, our focus remains on improving token stability and reducing speculation on third-party platforms. While increasing liquidity reserves is a positive step, it will be implemented at a reduced rate following the successful achievement of the $1 million USDC milestone.

What is the SLP Grant program?

The SLP Grant program allows you to stake YAI-ETH as a Liquidity Provider. Earn competitive (APY) up to 100%. The program offers staking rewards totaling 100,000 USDC, providing participants with a valuable incentive.

Read More

How to participate in the SLP Grant program?

Supply YAI/ ETH pair on Uniswap, then approve, stake and Make sure to subscribe on UNCX to earn rewards.

Here is a full tutorial https://twitter.com/yai_erc/status/1776028058065215877


What is the CIP (Community Incentive Program) and its benefits?

Essentially, The Ÿ Community Incentive Program (CIP) is a points based program designed to reward the most active community members and grant early access to upcoming Ÿ features! CIP can be understood by reading this document: https://docs.yoracle.ai/community-incentive-program

When is the purpose of CIP?

To garner user engagement and earn CIP points. CIP points are used to gain early access to Ÿ oracle and other exclusive benefits.

What is CIP-0?

CIP-0 is the first event of Ÿ Community Incentive Program. Gain exclusive benefits & early access to the oracle. Earn points by interacting with YAI official account on X. To participate verify your X account with @YPersonalAssistantBot on telegram. Once verified, like and retweet Ÿ posts to earn CIP points. Read more: https://docs.yoracle.ai/community-incentive-program/cip-0

What is CIP-1?

CIP-1 is Ÿ's Second Community Incentive Program. Earn points by providing sources for the Oracle. To participate verify your address holding 1 YAI token or more with @YPersonalAssistantBot on telegram. Once verified submit your sources to earn CIP points.

Read more: https://docs.yoracle.ai/community-incentive-program/cip-1

How can I get involved in CIP events?

You can get involved now via the Ÿ assistant bot on telegram @YPersonalAssistantBot

How are points given in regards to sources provided for CIP-1?

The allocation of CIP points will be determined by a comprehensive evaluation process. Factors considered include the uniqueness of usernames submitted, the audience size associated with each data source, and the level of activity the source exhibits within our database.

Can I add more than 10 sources for CIP-1?

You can now add up to 15 sources. In the future we can allow for more sources. Using too many sources from the same group or individual can introduce bias and skew the overall data. It's best to ensure a balanced and diverse range of sources for more reliable and accurate results.

Is CIP and the support bot made by Ÿ? Can they be offered as a service to other projects?

Yes, the CIP (Community Incentive Program) is developed by Ÿ, and there's potential to offer it as a subscription service to other projects in the future, as it's a tool that could be valued by many. However, before we can make it available to other projects, our development team is working on additional integrations with the ŸPA.

As for the support bot, it's made by a third-party app called Mava. We chose this approach to ensure our development team remains focused on building the Oracle and other core functionalities, rather than diverting attention to support-related tasks.

When is the next CIP event?

To find out when the next CIP event is, keep an eye on Ÿ's official X account and Telegram group. We use these platforms to announce all Community events.

Community and Support

Are there other Ÿ community groups?

No, there is only one official telegram channel for Ÿ.

Are there any groups for Ÿ for other languages?

No, English is the only supported language for our communication channels.

If I win the Oracle Disciples Grants program, will I have access to all products for free? What are the additional rewards with is program?

The Oracle Disciple grant will allow certain users to have test and alpha access, as well as the monetary reward. The reward will be in stablecoins, and will be dropped to qualified CIP registered addresses every few months.

Where can I buy YAI token?

You can acquire YAI tokens on third-party platforms such as Uniswap. Beware that we do not offer any support regarding pricing, availability, swaps, or the stability of these platforms. For more details, please read our Token Disclaimer here:


Can I stake my YAI Tokens?

You cannot stake YAI tokens for any yield or dividends, although you can stake your Uniswap LP tokens. Currently you can only stake the YAI -ETH liquidity tokens and enjoy competitive APY up to 100% - 100.000 USDC in staking rewards! For the complete guide please follow this: https://twitter.com/yai_erc/status/1776028041573195818 And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team in Telegram!

How do I stake YAI-ETH LP?

Supply YAI/ ETH pair on Uniswap, then approve, stake and Make sure to subscribe on UNCX to earn rewards.

Here is a full tutorial https://twitter.com/yai_erc/status/1776028058065215877

Will YAI have normal staking in the future?

Although not included in the whitepaper, the team might be exploring providing traditional staking for holders in the future.

When will YAI token be on CEX’s?

Currently, YAI is already listed on Poloniex. Further listings might take place in the future.

Is there an airdrop or Revenue share?

There is no official airdrop or Revenue share process. However, There could be possibilities of exploring both of them in the future. Keep an eye on our chat channels and don't hesitate to ask the moderators if you have questions or concerns.

What are the rules on Telegram? Why was I banned for no reason?

The Telegram community rules are well communicated in the Portal, and bans are applied on breach of those rules. If you believe this is an error, please contact our helpdesk here.

What is ŸPA?

Ÿ Personal Assistant is a telegram bot designed to assist with various tasks and interactions. Currently ŸPA is used for:

  • Account Management: Helping you manage your participation in Community Incentive Program (CIP) events.

  • Support & Resources: Providing easy access to support and a range of resources.

  • CIP Event Participation: Allowing you to join CIP events and share feedback through dedicated channels.

Access ŸPA from here: https://t.me/YPersonalAssistantBot

I cannot access Ÿ website, Why?

If you're unable to access the website and are geoblocked, it's due to legal restrictions. Currently, Ÿ cannot provide its services to users in the USA, UAE, and China regions.

Ÿ website is blocked for me, what can i do?

The website blocks users accessing Ÿ from the restricted locations, from which we are not able to accept customers just yet. Please read https://docs.yoracle.ai/legal/terms-of-services

I am a US resident, can I participate?

While we appreciate your interest, as a US resident, you're currently unable to participate in our project due to regulatory restrictions, as stated in ToS, Legal notices and in the code of our Smart Contract . We encourage users to comply with the laws applicable to their jurisdiction. Our project operates under certain legal constraints that prohibit access from locations such as the USA, UAE and China. Within future plans of decentralization, YAI can be potentially open it's doors to more location in the future. We reserve the right to filter access of restricted locations. We appreciate your understanding, and we hope to potentially serve you in the future as regulations evolve.

When will the EIA program be released to the Ÿ Personal Assistant?

We plan to integrate EIA into YPA, which you will be able to chat with and ask questions directly, in the near future. However, our current priority remains the successful launch of the Oracle system.

Why does Dextools say the tax is 5-11.43%?

Due to how Dextools is built, it averages the trading fee, which includes the 40% fee for cheaters (snipers). The actual fee is 5% and may be reduced to 0% in the future. The displayed rate on Dextools reflects this averaging method.

Why does DexScreener show ownership not renounced and hidden owner?

Currently, the contract is not renounced. The scanners might show a hidden owner due to the contract having a function to recover lost tokens on contract and trading fees after it being renounced.

What does the Google partner program mean?

The Google Partner Program provides access to advanced tools, technologies, and resources, helping to accelerate our development efforts. By participating in this program, we gain the ability to create custom AI predictors for both individual users and enterprises.

What is Ÿ doing for Marketing?

The team is focused on Marketing at all times through our Partnerships & Marketing program. The team plans to partner with like-minded projects, particularly in Q3 of the roadmap. Influential voices in the AI and crypto space have also been onboarded to amplify project visibility; more than 25 KOLS are now working on spreading the word.

Please be advised that our primary focus is on the long-term sustainability of the project and its associated products. As part of our commitment to transparency and integrity, compensation for marketing experts and influencers is exclusively conducted in ETH or stablecoins. We do not engage in supply allocations or over-the-counter (OTC) transactions for marketing purposes. A significant portion of our funds is allocated towards promoting our technology through various ethical marketing strategies to achieve our objectives.

When is marketing planned?

Marketing has already started with numerous KOLs onboarded and more to come in the future. These voices will help solidify our position as leaders in the market and the crypto space.

What marketing are team doing leading up to the product release?

As we approach product launch, a comprehensive marketing strategy will be implemented. This will encompass KOL marketing, social media collaborations, and other initiatives.

Before the launch of the oracle, is any marketing planned? If so - what exactly?

Marketing has already started with numerous KOLs onboarded and more to come in the future. These voices will help solidify our position as leaders in the AI market data oracle space. Keep in mind any marketing will concern product only, not token.

Which KOLS are involved in Ÿ and how have they been paid?

We currently have about 25+ KOLs which are only paid in stablecoins or ETH. We never did and will never pay our KOLs in tokens.

Is there a list of all the KOLs currently onboarded?

Over 25 KOLs have been onboarded to promote the project and product. Due to ongoing rotation (new KOLs joining and previous ones leaving), there is no static list available. However, You can track marketing campaigns by searching for the $YAI tag on platform X. Please note that Ÿ Project marketing is only for promotion to increase popularity and attract new users to our product and does not intend to suggest any form of token price manipulation and/or speculation. Accordingly, YAI is not an investment contract and you should not expect any returns and/or profits.

Has Ÿ made partnerships with other crypto projects?

The Ÿ team has plans to partner with like-minded crypto projects, with a particular focus on developing partnerships in Q3 of our roadmap. However, we've already begun reaching out to potential partners. If you're involved with a project or know of one that could be a good fit for collaboration, we encourage you to contact us through the Y support bot. We're always open to exploring new partnerships that align with our goals and values.

Who can I contact for a Marketing Proposal?

For a Marketing Proposal, you can reach out to our team through the Y support bot.


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