Shape the Future of Ÿ's oracle

To exponentially enhance the oracle's database for precision in predictions, we invite you to contribute with your valuable market sources.


Elevating Oracle Performance Through Community Collaboration

By contributing valuable data sources, you'll play a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of the oracle. This will ultimately lead to a more decentralized and accurate database, fueling precise predictions within the Ÿ ecosystem.

How to Participate

To join CIP-1 and contribute your expertise, follow these steps:

  1. Access the CIP-1 Event within the YPA bot by navigating to the "CIP" section and selecting "CIP-1."

  2. Click on "Settings" and complete the verification process to confirm your wallet holds the required amount of 100 $YAI or more.

To ensure a seamless experience, your address balance will be cached for a duration of 1 hour upon successful verification.

If you make any changes to your holdings (e.g., transfer tokens), the cached balance will automatically update after an hour. Alternatively, you can manually refresh your address verification for immediate updates, particularly if you transfer YAI tokens or verified a wrong address.

  1. Utilize the /source + username command within the YPA bot to submit up to 10 crypto and market related twitter accounts you deem valuable.

  2. Each unique and relevant data source submission will grant you up to 10 CIP points.

CIP Point Earning Guidelines

The allocation of CIP points will be determined by a comprehensive evaluation process. Factors considered include the uniqueness of usernames submitted, the audience size associated with each data source, and the level of activity the source exhibits within our database.

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