📖Risk Disclosure

Please take into account the information presented in this Risk Disclosure Statement ("Statement") as a broad overview of the risks associated with engaging in activities related to the Ÿ Project and its affiliated services ("Services"). This Statement is provided for your awareness only and is not intended to offer investment or legal advice. We make no representation regarding the suitability of the Services for your individual circumstances, nor do we guarantee the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of the information contained herein. Users should exercise their own judgement and conduct their own research to evaluate the suitability of engaging with crypto assets and associated Services based on their personal experience, financial capacity, and objectives. It is imperative that you refrain from participating in activities involving crypto assets unless you thoroughly understand the nature of these assets and the extent of associated risks.

Please be advised that specific disclosures and terms of service will accompany various offerings provided by the Ÿ Project, which will be made available separately. Users are encouraged to refer to these terms in addition to the disclosures outlined herein when making decisions regarding the utilisation of the Services.

For the purposes of this Statement, "you", "your", and "User" refer to individuals utilising our services, while "we", "us", "our", or "Ÿ Project" denote the Ÿ Project entity. Users are strongly advised to carefully review this Risk Disclosure Statement before commencing use of the Services.

Risks Associated with Engaging in Crypto Asset Activities:

Engaging in activities related to crypto assets carries significant risks, and it is essential to carefully consider whether such involvement aligns with your circumstances and financial resources. You should be mindful of the following:

Legal Tender Considerations: Most crypto assets lack backing from central governments or recognition as legal tender, except in limited cases. Acceptance of crypto assets as payment can vary between jurisdictions, and there's no guarantee of future acceptance.

Volatility and Uncertainty: Pricing of crypto assets often lacks fundamental rationale, resulting in significant volatility and unpredictability relative to fiat or relatively stable cryptocurrencies. Crypto assets have had historically higher price volatility than fiat currencies, including irrational and extreme moves in price as the process for valuation can be speculative and uncertain.

Liquidity Risk: Crypto assets may experience limited liquidity, making it challenging to sell or exit positions, particularly during periods of heightened volatility or extreme market events (“Black Swan” events, such as FTX insolvency, LUNA crash etc).

Market Forces: Crypto asset markets can be influenced by speculative bubbles, manipulation, scams, and fraudulent activities.

Financial Crime and Cybersecurity: Cybercrime related to crypto assets is prevalent due to the digital nature of the ecosystem, exposing users to various risks such as malware, phishing attacks, and fraud.

Lack of Control: The Ÿ Project acts as a service provider and does not assume fiduciary responsibilities. Users are responsible for assessing the suitability of their activities and managing associated risks.

Service Availability: The availability of Ÿ Project Services cannot be guaranteed at all times and may be subject to unplanned interruptions or network congestion.

Technology Risks: Engaging with crypto assets involves risks related to new technologies, including transaction irreversibility, software failures, hacks, and unforeseen circumstances.

Irreversible Transactions: Transactions involving crypto assets are typically irreversible, which means losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.

Third-Party Risks: Involvement of third-party service providers may subject users to additional terms and conditions, and the Ÿ Project cannot be held liable for losses incurred through such parties.

Taxation and Regulatory Compliance: Users are responsible for understanding and complying with tax regulations applicable to their transactions. Changes in regulatory frameworks may impact crypto asset prices and associated activities.

This list of risks is non-exhaustive, and users should be aware that additional unpredictable risks may exist. We urge users to exercise caution and seek independent advice if necessary when engaging with crypto assets and related Services offered by the Ÿ Project.

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