The Oracle Disciples Grant


We express our deepest gratitude to our amazing community and to further cultivate this supportive environment, we are introducing the Oracle Disciples Grant. This initiative is designed to recognize and reward our most active and supportive community members.

Oracle Score is awarded based on activities undertaken before Grant I announcement and between Grant I and Grant II announcements.

Key Details

Grant Allocation: TBA (to be announced) for each Disciple Grant.

Duration: Oracle Disciples Grants occur at irregular intervals.

Approach: Oracle Score is awarded based on activities undertaken before each Grant announcement.

Distribution: direct to the registered participants' addresses, no claim required.

We have already taken a snapshot for the first Grant and the announcement of the first Oracle Disciple Grant winners is set for next week.


You are eligible to be part of this grant if you:

1 - Participated in the CIP events.


2- Actively participated and supported our community members in the Ÿ official community on Telegram.


Our team has developed a system that leverages the oracle to objectively assess each participant's contributions.

The Oracle examines all messages in the Telegram chat for key metrics and assigns scores to eligible participants accordingly. This score is rated based on quality, helpfulness , positive interactions, and constructive feedback.

Additionally, the Oracle considers the quality and quantity of your contributions to the CIP program events in areas such as source gathering and social media engagement.


Qualified participants are ranked based on their accumulated points. This ranking system will dictate the reward structure with members earning higher point totals receiving more substantial rewards.

Grant Rewards are then distributed to the most active community members consistently adding valuable content and providing helpful responses to the telegram chat.

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