💵Financial Plan

The first phase of Ÿ emphasizes building the foundation: setting up production infrastructure and completing the development team to enable rapid releases. Initially on-chain taxes will be the main source to cover YAI initial growth phase.

This will allow us to deploy and build the necessary tools and infrastructure. Once those have been established we will be able to scale the business to profitability and get rid of the inherent need for on-chain taxes.

Initially taxes will have 2 main use cases:

  • Covering operational costs & business development.

  • Strategic liquidity provisions.

Here are some examples of how Ÿ utilizes on-chain taxes to achieve its objectives.

Development & Innovation:

  • Funding core development team

  • Research and development of new technologies

  • Integration of new features and improvements

Operational Expenses:

  • Infrastructure costs (servers, hosting, etc.)

  • Administrative fees

Marketing & Community Engagement:

  • Promoting campaigns

  • Hosting AMAs, inviting top hosts in crypto space

  • Social media marketing and influencer partnerships

Business Development:

  • Partnerships and collaborations

  • Acquisitions of complementary businesses or technologies

  • Expansion into new jurisdictions

Security, Compliance and Legal:

  • Investment in robust security measures

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Legal representations

  • High due diligence standards

  • Audits and third-party security assessments

Liquidity and Community Rewards Provisions

  • Providing liquidity for decentralized exchanges (SLP program). Check SLP program implementation here.

  • LP staking programs. Check the current one here.

  • CEX listings

User Support & Service:

  • Building and maintaining customer support teams (mods, community managers)

  • Developing user-friendly interfaces and platforms

  • Implementing feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement

Reserve Funds & Contingencies:

  • Establishing reserve funds for unexpected expenses

  • Creating a financial safety net for the project

  • Planning for long-term sustainability and growth

In the future income will be generated through multiple avenues:

-> Fixed Subscription plans:

Different subscription plans will be established for users to access to our tools. These will vary based on our product offerings.

-> Custom made enterprise grade solutions:

Besides individual user subscription, we will offer custom made solution to businesses. The details and pricing of these will depend on the needs and use cases of the business. These can stretch from higher limits on existing models to fully custom build models based on proprietary data.

Our success will lead Ÿ to a thriving business, paving the way for the potential elimination of on-chain taxes. We're committed to sharing our success as well. Revenue streams will allow us to implement programs like revenue sharing and contribution rewards, giving back to our valued users.

A sustainable business model allows us to continually improve and expand our AI models. This ensures we deliver the most advanced user experience possible. More details on this will be announced later.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the team's discretionary authority encompasses all fund allocation areas, including project development, operational costs, marketing efforts, and equitable team compensation. Read more.

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