Ÿ Stables

The impact of stable coin flows on other digital assets.


Stablecoins are a fundamental building block of the digital asset market, providing a crucial link between traditional finance and crypto. They offer numerous use cases, making them a valuable source of information for understanding market trends.

Ÿ Stables Robo advisor caters to all users, from those exploring stablecoins to experienced investors managing large treasuries. It provides daily insights into stablecoin supply changes.

Key Features

  1. Track the flow of funds entering and exiting the digital asset market.

  2. Gain a deeper understanding of how these flows impact market dynamics.

Initial Database Structure

Daily data regarding over 20 stablecoins and their metrics over the last 4 years.


Ÿ Stables offers a comprehensive daily analysis of stablecoins data, providing insights into the impact of the last days stable flows onto future market movements. This analysis is presented in four key sections:

Stable Flow 24h
  • Top Flows 24h: This section identifies stablecoins with the highest absolute flow (movement of funds) on a given day.

  • Summary 24h: This section provides an overview of the total flow for the top 20 stablecoins (by market cap)

  • Stats: This section analyzes various data points to identify market patterns. Built based on specific daily conditions, it calculates the Mean, Median, Min and Max next 24 hours return for the events in the specific class.

Total Flow Summary

The Total Flow summary serves as a valuable tool for effectively understanding the relative performance of stablecoins over 7 days and 30 days time horizon

Each summary includes

  • Data Visualization for the cumulative marketcap and balance change for top 5 stables.

  • Stables table to show the summary of top 5 stablecoins over the past week (7D) and the past month (30D).

  • Green: Positive values indicate an increase. Red: negative values indicate a decrease.

ŸRA Summary

This Summary uses various data points to identify market patterns. Based on specific daily conditions, it calculates the Mean and Median for relevant metrics.

Total Stats

  • Mean: The average return in our target database.

  • Median: The Median return of our target database.

  • Min: The minimum return in our target database.

  • Max: The maximum return in our target database.

  • Count: the total number of data points analyzed.

Class Rules

  • Green signifies a positive total flow, where money is moving into stablecoins.

  • red signifies a negative total flow, where money is moving out of stablecoins.

Class Stats

  • This section breaks down the total statistics (mean, median, min, max, count) for the positive (POS) and negative (NEG) classes.

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