🏅Community Incentive Program

Ÿ Community Incentive Program (CIP)

The Ÿ community thrives on participation. We value all members and are excited to offer incentive to those who go the extra mile in promoting and interacting with Ÿ ecosystem and it's upcoming products.


The CIP rewards active community members who contribute to the growth and development of the Ÿ ecosystem.

This points-based program will recognize and reward your efforts to support Ÿ. Over the next few weeks, we'll announce specific CIP events and actions where you can earn points. These points are NOT for token airdrop allocations, as tokens have been dedicated to our liquidity pool.

CIP points benefits

-> Multiplier for RSM (TBA)

-> Multiplier for SRB (TBA)

-> Early access to upcoming Ÿ features

-> And more benefits for CIP participants to be announced in the future.

How to Participate

  • Actively engage with the Ÿ community in the telegram channel.

  • Stay tuned to official Ÿ communication channels for CIP event announcements.

More information about the practical implementation of the CIP program will be announced alongside each CIP event.

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