Connect and Earn

Get ready to unlock Y exclusive benefits and early access to upcoming Y Oracle through a series of engaging tasks.


Our first CIP event, CIP-0, is dedicated towards social activity and engagement. Each and every interaction with our official X account earns you points.

How to Participate

  1. Verify your X account: In Ÿ Personal Assistant Telegram bot's settings, use the "Verify X" command.

  2. Once your X account has been successfully verified, like & retweet posts from our X official account to earn CIP points.

  3. Track your progress with ŸPA

Note that The X authorization is only used to confirm your account ownership. You can safely remove this access afterward to preserve your account security.

CIP Point Earning Guidelines

  • Community members need to verify their X account with ŸPA for their interactions to be counted.

  • Earn points by liking and retweeting posts on our official X account.

  • Points are awarded for interactions with our original posts only (quoted tweets, thread replies, etc., are excluded).

  • In order to reward early community members, CIP points prioritize engagement with the 5 most recent posts.

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