🤖Ÿ Personal Assistant

ŸPA v0.1 - Setup Your 1st Access Point to Ÿ Oracle

The Ÿ Personal Assistant Telegram bot is your central hub for managing all things Ÿ.

Interact, share data, train with your own data, get predictions, access Newsquawk, earn points to help Ÿ become autonomous, receive crypto market predictions, and chat with Ÿ.

Access ŸPA directly from here or DM @YPersonalAssistantBot on Telegram

Currently ŸPA can assist you with:

Account Management: Ensure the smooth operation of your account by completing necessary verifications and staying updated on CIP events

Access Support & Resources: Easily navigate essential resources through quick links provided for immediate assistance.

Engage with Ÿ: Participate in CIP events, Share your feedback through dedicated channels.

The ŸPA bot offers a simple, streamlined interface for all your Ÿ needs. All actions and menus are displayed within the same message for easy navigation. If you ever need to reset, just send the command "/start"

  • Info: Provides detailed instructions on how to use ŸPA.

  • Links: Offers quick access to all Ÿ socials, web pages, and more.

  • CIP: The CIP menu is your hub for the Community Incentive Program. Track your points, participate in events, and execute actions related to specific CIP events within the menu.

  • Settings: Currently, the settings menu is primarily for verifying your X account, this is required for our upcoming CIP-0 event.

For secure and seamless X account verification, we utilize the official X API. Here's how to verify:

  1. In the settings menu, click 'Verify X'. Click 'Verify X' again to open the X verification page in your browser.

  2. Ensure you're logged into the correct X account, then click the authorization button.

  3. Upon successful verification, the Telegram bot will display a confirmation and your X username will update in the settings menu.

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