Ÿ Equal information access (EIA)

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Equal Information Access (EIA) Program. This program is designed to ensure all members and participants have equal access to information regarding the project, its actions, and future plans.

The EIA program aims to foster a transparent and inclusive environment by:

  • Promoting informed participation by ensuring everyone receives the same information simultaneously.

  • Utilizing the FAQ system and EIA chat to reduce repetitive inquiries and streamline information retrieval.

EIA program will rely on multiple pillars:

  1. Knowledge Base: Questions asked -> Answer received

Project-related questions raised in chats will be reviewed by the moderation team. If a question is deemed suitable, it will be added to the Ÿ project questions directory directly and included in our dedicated FAQ section within the project documentation.

  1. No Team Direct Message Policy:

To uphold the principle of equal access to information, the EIA program promotes open communication channels.

Ÿ team members are prohibited from engaging in direct message (DM) conversations concerning project details. This ensures all inquiries and responses are documented within Ÿ knowledge base, accessible to all participants.

  1. EIA Feature in Ÿ Personal Assistant Bot

The EIA program will be further enhanced by the development of an EIA chat within the Ÿ Personal Assistant Bot . This will allow users to efficiently retrieve answers to their project-related questions by directly querying the FAQ system, eliminating the need for manual navigation.

We are committed to continuous improvement and welcomes any feedback on the EIA program.

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